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Halkidiki Day Sailing for a Day

neos marmaras halkidiki and Nomad Diving School

              DaySailing Halkidiki

    between Sithonia & Kassandra

Sail Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos

dive spot in kelyfos island halkidiki.

       Sporades Yacht Holidays

                Great Sailing

         experienced skippers...>

Sailing Halkidiki Kassandra and Sithonia

kelyfos island in halkidiki.

          Go Fishing for the Big Ones.

  Fish for Tuna, Sword Fish and more...>

Halkidiki One Day Game fishing Trip

boat fishing trips halkidiki.

Go Fishing for the Big Ones.

Fish for Tuna, Sword Fish and more...>

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Yacht Charters Greece

Halkidiki day sailing boat trips and motor yacht charters

Excellent vacation, unbelievable beaches.


Day tours of from Kassandra and Sithonia  with our sailing yachts is our specialty. Try sailing for a day and discover secret sandy beaches without access from the road. From our base of Neos Marmaras or Pefkochori we take sightseeing to some of the most beautiful places of Halkidiki.

Chalkidiki sailboat vacations with skipper.

Chalkidiki sailing holidays:

A great vacation for trying out sailing and living on a boat.

Boat holidays is something different. Especially Sithonia, Kassandra, Halkidiki islands of Ammouliani and Diaporos are great. Even if you have already been at Halkidiki, from the sea it's a different experience. There are a lot of hidden paradise ready to be (re)discovered. It's a great place for novice sailors, as the distances are small and the winds mild, just enough for sailing.

Sailing Sporades vacation

The best holidays for the family

Sail Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos holidays are very popular. North Sporades islands is a perfect sailing destination. Sailing between the islands is short, the beaches are great (as shown in “Mama mia movie”) and the nightlife intense. The weather is perfect for sailing as summer meltemi wind is not that intense as is in south aegean.

About us

Yachting in Greece is a worldwide destination every summer, with more than 2,000 islands and an endless coastline to discover. No matter which destination you will choose, every place has to offer all you need for the perfect holiday. Important historical sites from the ancient Greek history, endless coasts and natural protected bays for anchorage, water sports such as diving, fishing, windsurfing, safe waters and mild winds for easy sailing but also places with strong winds for extreme sailing, dolphins, sea turtles and seals for sea life observing eco holidays and of course a lot of sun, great food, wine and exciting nightlife.

There is no need to be in a hotel room, stuck in one place only. Take the opportunity to find out why Greece is considered to be the best holiday and yachting destination. is ready to provide you with top quality chartering services according to your own plans for a perfect holiday. Our yachts are fully equipped and safe, our skippers are very experienced, and ready to take you on a sea journey you will never forget.

Do not hesitate, see your yachting options and make your choices from the menu above, tell us what you need, and we will provide you with a great plan that best suits your dream vacations.

If you are a travel agent, or yacht agent, please contact us to send you more information about becoming a regional representative.

by Christophoros Karydis

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