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navigation scuba diving course

Experience the Thrill of Navigating with Nomad Divers School in Halkidiki! Are you curious about how your diving instructor always finds their way back to the exit point or the boat? Our NAVIGATION Program in Halkidiki, just one hour from Thessaloniki, is your answer.

Learn the art of navigation with our expert instructors. Our program will teach you how to use a compass, apply natural navigation skills, estimate distances, follow different search patterns, and easily find your way back to the exit point.

We cover a range of topics in our program, including Natural Navigation, Compass Navigation, Combining Natural and Compass Navigation, Special Navigation Situations, and the Sport of Navigation.

Ready to dive into the world of navigation? You can purchase our manual or DVD without enrolling in the course, or join us for in-water training sessions in Halkidiki. Our SSI Specialty courses are designed to teach you important skills in a fun environment, combining home study, short academic sessions, and hands-on training. Sign up for our NAVIGATION Program today and start navigating like a pro!"

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