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If you are looking for a job, join Nomad Diving Team in Neos Marmaras Halkidiki

Assistant Instructor (AI)


Enroll in a Assistant Instructor program or enter the program as a Divemaster from any approved agency. After you are certified you can teach Scuba Skills Update, Snorkeling and Try Scuba (pool only) and you can even upgrade Training Specialist - a further step at your career ladder.

Duration: 10 Days

Cost       : 900 €

Prerequisite: Be at least 18 years old
• Have at least 24 logged open water dives (60 upon completion of certification)
• Current medical exam
• Certified at the Advanced Open Water level or equivalent
• Certified as a Stress and Rescue specialty diver or equivalent
• Logged experience in Navigation, Night Diving & Deep Diving

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