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You have decided you want to become part of the Underwater World


It is hard not to be amazed by the underwater world just watching stunning videos of people diving at different locations around the world with the most stunning creatures in the most inspirational environments. Not surprisingly, one day you get up with this idea of wanting to explore more of it. What are the first steps, where do you start? We are delighted to let to you know you have to look no further! At Nomad Divers School  you can not only get introduced to the great feeling of breathing underwater, but we will also give you guidance in your next steps of becoming a highly obsessed diver.


If you are still wondering or you are unsure that you want to try Scuba Diving, our team did a little brainstorm and decided to jot down their reasons for diving:

-          First and foremost it is fun! The whole point in recreational diving is to have an amazing experience which you can then share with friends and family. Be warned diving stories always involve a lot of facial muscle pain – they always make you smile J (edit from writer: The more you learn about diving the more fun you have and stories get even better!)

-          It is an enjoyable and very relaxing sport – if you come from a high stress environment you will definitely appreciate the peacefulness of being underwater. We concluded that scuba divers must be the less stressed people on the planet! The weightlessness and tranquility of the underwater environment works to soothe the mind whilst the support of the water 

eases aching muscles.

-          For all those concerned about their weight – great news! You can swap the hour jog for the same amount of time underwater and burn the same amount of calories with less sweat and more joy!

-          Diving improves concentration and co-ordination and eventually the diver’s sense of balance.

-          Diving allows you to learn much more about your skills and abilities, gives you sense of achievement and makes you feel good about yourself. Who doesn’t want that?


Now are you ready for the journey ?

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