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Diving during the Spring

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Diving around springtime, March - April we have discovered that the water conditions are awesome. Something else that surprised us is the species we have seen.

There are different kind of spices that we do not see during the summer period.

One of those is Zeus faber. Verry interested to look at and very rare to meet a kind like that.

Zeus Faber or John Dor, is an edible benthic coastal marine fish with a laterally compressed olive-yellow body which has a large dark spot and long spines on the dorsal fin.

The dark spot is used to flash an 'evil eye' if danger approaches.

Its large eyes at the front of its head provide it with binocular vision and depth perception, which is important for predators.

The eye spot on the side of John Dory's body also confuse which is scooped up in its big mouth.

They live near the seabed, living in depths from 5m to 360m. They are normally solitary.

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